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A Guide to Your Must Try Food and Wine in This Tuscany food tours.

Join us on a Tuscany food tour and will take you to many places. You will see ancient sites and stroll along streets imbedded with rich history. So, no matter when you go or what you do. You will ultimately have to find something to eat during your travels. Your best resource for what to eat in Tuscany is the locals and here are what your expert locals have to say about Tuscan Cuisine.

Lardo di Colonnata

Cured meats can be found throughout Italy, but Lardo di Colonnata is a bit different than just a cured meat. It is actually specially cured lard. That might not sound appetizing when you understand you are eating fat. So, this lard is not simply a hunk of fat. Carefully seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs. Colonnata Larde is then placed between slabs of Colonnata marble and allowed to cure for between 6 and 10 months. The pork lard takes on a unique flavor during its resting period and has become a delicacy in Tuscany.


Soups are a staple in Tuscany and it is the simple flavors used for generations that makes Tuscan soups among the best in the world. For those visiting in the coldest months, Ribollita is the go to soup. What makes this soup unique is not the fact that it is flavored. Or that it is traditionally regarded as peasant food. That it is made one day and eaten the next. Ingredients include beans and Tuscan kale and locals use this soup to warm up during the winter.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca Fiorentina

A steak can be a welcomed treat in any country, but in Tuscany, Bistecca alla Fiorentina reigns supreme. A typical steak is maybe 2cm thick and might weigh just under 1kg. So, Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a full T-bone steak measuring up to 4 cm thick and weighing anywhere from 1.5 kg to 2 kg. It is certainly not a petit cut by any means. Additionally, the breed of cattle this steak comes from is unique to Tuscany and is known as Chianina. If you have a large appetite during your Tours of Tuscany, you will want a Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Almost as famous as Tuscan wines is their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can seemingly get olive oil in many locations throughout the world, but the Tuscan version is authentic. Their emphasis on cold pressing their olive oil is what gives it that distinct earthy flavor that excellently crafted olive oil is known for. Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is expertly crafted in small batches to maintain the ultimate quality. Which is unlike other parts of the world in which the olives are heated, then pressed to maximize oil output. Tuscany maintains old world values that allow for wildly tasty olive oil that should not be missed on your Tuscany Tours.

Wild Boar Salami

Wild Boar is praised in Tuscany and regularly hunted by locals. If you are not intent on enjoying a hunt for wild boar while visiting the country, consider trying wild boar salami. Il Salame di Cinghiale is the proper name for this exceptionally well crafted treat. Antipasti is a common dish served throughout Italy of cured meats and cheeses. But in Tuscany, Antipasti is served with this specific type of salami. For those that already have an affinity for the rugged taste of wild meats, wild boar is amazing. So be sure to enjoy some while boar while you are on a Tuscany food tour.

Aleatico Passito

Located in Elba in Tuscany, Aleatico Passito is a very sweet wine that has exclusively been made in this area for centuries. Throughout history, this wine has been enjoyed by the Greeks, Romans, and even Napoleon. What makes the wine unique is that it is completely comprised of Aleatico grapes. Unlike other wines that are made of a specific blends of different varieties of grapes, this one maintains its pure flavor and it ideal for those seeking a pure wine experience while on tour in Tuscany.


Chianti is famous throughout Tuscany and can be purchased in a variety of different shops and local wineries throughout the country. A true Chianti is comprised of between 80% of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Malvasia. Chianti is produced in the provinces of Pisa, Prato, Siena, Firenze, and Arezzo.


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