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A taste of Tuscany with Matteo Piccardi


I was born in Firenze and I lived my childhood in a medieval village called Castelfranco di Sopra.

I have lived in Tuscany all my life, and it has become part of my soul. It’s a place I love and respect, and it never ceases to take my breath away.

Although I attended art school in Florence, since my early 20s I have worked for a number of well-known travel agencies and tour operators.

While working there, I had the opportunity to plan and lead many tours. I love leading tour groups and find great pleasure in introducing visitors to the hidden gems of a land. It is so rich in history, culture, traditions, food, wine and the warm hospitality of the authentic Tuscan people.


During my time working as a tour operator, I frequently observed the great enthusiasm visitors exhibited. When they were provided with an opportunity to discover places off the beaten track that other tourists are completely unaware of. So, this gave me the idea of developing more customized and personal tours. Offering a privileged few the chance to see the real Tuscany that is known only to the locals.

Now, together with my wife, Laura and my professional on side team of drivers and guides, I provide you with a memorable experience that showcases the very best of what Tuscany has to offer. Through limiting each tour group to a maximum of eight people. We want ensure that we offer personalized tours through which we give every member of the group the undivided attention they deserve.

So, join us on a journey of discovery where you’ll become part of an authentic Tuscan family. Explore one of the most wonderful places on earth from an insider’s perspective.

Taste of Tuscany

Glorious Tuscany experience

I was part of a group of 6 women from Texas and 1 Aussie. Tuscany Untouched Tours were our hosts and guides for our 8 day trip. Owner, Matteo Piccardi, was exceptional! His knowledge and expertise of the area were invaluable to understanding the culture of the region. If you want to experience Tuscany without the crowds and congestion, this is the tour for you. We visited many vineyards, most with tastings and lunch, and shipped home many bottles of wine to enjoy with family and friends. Matteo took us to Monasteries, churches, medieval towns and even hosted a steak dinner at his home with his beautiful wife, Laura..

Reviewed 26 July 2018

My 19 year old daughter and I had an amazing holiday with Tuscany Untouched in June. From medieval festivals, to castles, wine farms, the seaside, climbing mountains, to the most beautiful little villages, cooking classes and of course the most amazing food and wine.

We stayed at the wonderful La Capraia were we enjoyed the hospitality of Oscar and his family. We loved the fact that we got to see small villages not often frequented by tourists and enjoyed food from restaurants favoured by locals - the best pizza and then steak I think we've ever had.

Thanks Matteo for making it such a special time for Jess and I - it is a holiday we will treasure for ever. We also look forward to having our Tuscan Dinner when you are back in Sydney

Our Mission

Our mission is to surprise and delight our customers, and deliver a unique taste of Tuscany so magical they won't want to leave.

With Tuscany Untouched we strive to exceed all your expectations. From the moment you arrive you will feel like part of the family - this isn't just a tour, it's the beginning of a wonderful relationship with us and our beautiful country.

taste of tuscany