Coronavirus in Tuscany

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When you think of dream vacations, Tuscany always falls on the list. However, with this year’s pandemic, most people’s vacation plans have sadly been delayed, or reconsidered due to the Coronavirus. If Tuscany private tours were on your list, you’ll want to know about how safe it is to visit, and whether you can go now. Travelers will now inevitably have to change the way they travel – small group Tuscany tours is now the answer. 

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Coronavirus in Tuscany to help you understand the situation there and make the best traveling decisions. 

The Coronavirus Situation in Tuscany

Before we discuss the current situation in Tuscany, you should know a little more about Italy’s healthcare system. Unlike other countries, Italy has universal public healthcare, which comes at no charge to citizens. Not only that, Italy as a whole has acted quickly and efficiently since the onset of the pandemic to protect people. 

The Italian government does still have some areas marked as ‘red zones.’ This means these areas are higher risk, and under more quarantine measures as a result. 

However, Tuscany isn’t one of those red zones, and there aren’t any red zones within Tuscany either. Not only that, should a traveler get the virus while in Italy, the government has stated that they will still receive the same treatment, healthcare and no cost benefits as any other italian citizen. 

Traveling in Tuscany Now

If you’re planning on visiting Tuscany on a Tuscany private tour , here’s a quick guide to the most important things you need to know:

Getting Around

Public transport is running again, although be prepared for pandemic specific measures, including social distancing. While transport will run at regular schedules, it’s a good idea to check Tuscany’s official webpage for any equipment or precautions you may need to prepare.

Seeing the Sights

While much of Italy closed down in March, many areas are more or less open now. Of course, this excludes hotspots for the virus, which thankfully isn’t an issue in Tuscany. However, that doesn’t mean large public gatherings will be happening.

Like much of the rest of the world, this region does still have certain guidelines and restrictions put in place to protect citizens and travelers. 

The main sights and spots you’ll want to visit are likely open, and welcome travelers. With that said, they’re open with the stipulation that they follow certain rules. You won’t find a museum packed shoulder to shoulder anymore. For many venues, that means they ask that visitors schedule ahead of time, so that they can be accommodated while still using social distancing. 

To make sure you’re able to see everything you plan on, check the individual websites of venues to see if you need to schedule ahead or follow special rules. 

Visiting Tuscany in Small Group Private Tours

You can still visit Tuscany with relatively little risk, but make sure you take the proper precautions. Of course, you should be washing your hands frequently, carrying hand sanitizer, and maintaining at least six feet of distance from others. If you ever feel sick while in Tuscany, call the number 1500, which directs you to the Ministry of Health, where you’ll be able to get the help you need.

Remember, the more people gathering in close proximity, the greater the risk. If you plan on doing a vacation with a group, or doing a group tour, keep participants at a minimum, better if it is a Private Tuscany tour. It’s easier to move about without impeding on social distance, and it’s easier for attractions to accommodate you for visiting. Ultimately, your safety is crucial and traveling in a small group will be safer for everyone.

It’s still recommended to wear a mask or face shield whenever possible in public. If possible, try to carry a couple while you travel, to allow you to alternate washing each, while still having a clean mask ready. 

More Reasons to Book Small Group Tours in Tuscany

We’ve discussed the health and safety reasons to take small group tours during this coronavirus pandemic. However, there are plenty of other reasons you should take small group tours.

Get an Insider’s Look at Tuscany

With large group tours, it’s difficult to get to some destinations. With social distancing and limited occupancy, that’s even more true. When you take a tour with less people, you open up windows of opportunity to see another side of the region. You can see Tuscany like the locals do, going places you’d never be able to with a large, bustling group. Want to have an intimate tour through a wine cellar or small gallery? You’ll need a small, intimate tour group to match!

Enjoy Tuscan Flexibility

Tuscans are known for their laid back outlook, and an intimate tour gives you more flexibility. It’s much easier to accommodate a small group than a large one, and you’ll have greater choice when, where, and what times you start or end your tour. 

Not only that, you can get a more ‘custom’ tour if your group is small. If there are special places you’d like to see, it’s much easier for guides to accommodate your requests or alter the itinerary. 

See the Sights, Not the Lines

Everybody hates waiting in lines. With social distancing, long lines are even more excruciating. One of the really nice things about traveling in a small group is less waiting. You have a limited time in Tuscany, and you want to make the most of it. With an intimate private Tuscany tour, you can spend more time sightseeing, and much less time waiting in line. 

This is especially true if your tour has specific, reserved times for visiting certain places. It’s difficult to keep distance while also getting everyone at the same sightseeing destination in large groups. Often means some of the tour is left waiting outside for their turn to sight see.

Don’t Miss Anything

As we mentioned before, it’s much easier to accommodate small groups on tours, and there’s less waiting. That time really adds up when you’re exploring Tuscany. With everything it has to offer, it can be a struggle to see it all, even without pandemic. A private Tuscany tour allows you to save time, and experience as much as possible. 

Who wants to take a dream vacation only to spend most of the time in transit or trying to keep the tour group together? The more intimate your travel group, the easier it is to see as much as possible while you’re visiting Tuscany.

Enjoy the Memories

When you take small group tours, you really get to know your fellow travelers. You’ll be experiencing the wonders of Tuscany with friends, and making memories to last a lifetime. You can relax, converse, and enjoy the time between landmarks and destinations. Even if it is less than if you went with a larger group.


In Tuscany, things are much like other places in the world where the virus is more effectively contained. Travel and attractions are re-opening, but there are still guidelines to follow. Always check with specific attractions before arriving, use face protection, wash hands frequently, and maintain social distancing. With these precautions in mind, you can still have the most memorable trip to the breathtaking Tuscan region.