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Ah, Tuscany! A word that conjures up romantic images of the Italian countryside, historic towns, red wine and great food.
But wouldn’t it be great if you could discover Tuscany as a local and not a tourist?

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Tuscany Untouched: Explore

Tuscany’s varied and stunning landscapes are truly beyond compare. Tuscany tours can take you to some of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of the region from where you can take in the multiple shades of green reflecting on the hills of the wineries, breathtaking views of the medieval villages that cling defiantly to the side of rugged mountain landscapes, and enjoy a magical sunset over the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence.


Tuscany Untouched: Experience

In our tours of Tuscany, you will be overwhelmed by the pure beauty of the Renaissance art on offer in Anghiari, Arezzo, Poppi and countless other cities and historic towns. Our Tuscany tours will take you to an unexplored small town that protects hidden secrets about Italian culture and is home to one of the most famous pieces of art in Tuscany. You will discover and learn about a fascinating piece of Renaissance history that the majority of visitors to Tuscany miss out on.


Tuscany Untouched: Indulge

It goes without saying that Italian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. And the foods of Italy are as diverse and eclectic as the country itself. Italy’s varied regional cuisines offer a mouth-watering array of divine tastes and flavours. We’ll introduce you to some of Tuscany Untouched specialty dishes, and you’ll soon see for yourself why the Italian people regard Tuscan food as one of the best regional cuisines of Italy.


Tuscany Untouched: Conflict

What makes our Tuscany tours really stand out from other tour operators is that we provide you with a unique chance to connect with the Italian people. Our local guide will introduce you to the warm and welcoming people of Tuscany. Sharing a meal with a Tuscan family or learning how to make pasta or wine from a farmer are just some of the many adventures that await.

Our Popular Tuscany Tours

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Tuscany Untouched: Grandiosa Toscana Tour

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Tuscany Untouched Adventure

Tuscany Untouched: Tuscany Adventure

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Best of Tuscany Tour 3 Days

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Experience the best of Tuscany in a 3 days fully escorted tour

Tuscany Umbria Tour 3 days

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Tuscany Hot Spring Day Tour

Tuscany Untouched: Tuscany Hot Spring Tour

Relax yourself at the local hot spring with wine tasting


Tuscany Untouched Tours

We will create an unrivalled vacation experience that will show you a side of Tuscany so very few travellers get a chance to sample for themselves. Enquire now and tell us what your Tuscany and Italy dreams trip is. Our local expert will be in touch directly to you to help you organize your perfect trip.


To explore Tuscany to its fullest, it is essential to have Tuscany escorted tours to show you some of the best spots off the beaten track. We strive to provide the best experience for our visitors on our Tuscany tours, and love to express the true beauty of this region of Italy. All of our guides are passionate about this area and aim to help explore Tuscany for the countless visitors to embark on our tours of Tuscany every single year. Our guided Tuscany trips are sure to be talked about for years after, as we provide an experience that is hard to forget. The Tuscany tour packages encompass many different parts of this region and provide a well-rounded view of all the best places to see. If you’re the type of traveller who wants to experience the true side of Italy, off the beaten track and the true beauty of living as a local, then our Tuscany tour packages are the best way to go for you. For an unforgettable trip with our Tuscany tours, contact us now!


I was born in Firenze and I lived my childhood in a medieval village called Castelfranco di Sopra. I have lived in Tuscany all my life, and it has become part of my soul. It’s a place I love and respect, and it never ceases to take my breath away. Although I attended art school in Florence, since my early 20s I have worked for a number of well-known travel agencies and tour operators. While working there, I had the opportunity to plan and lead many tours for English, American and Australian visitors. I love leading Tuscany tours and find great pleasure in introducing visitors to the hidden gems of a land that is so rich in history, culture, traditions, food, wine and the warm hospitality of the authentic Tuscan people.