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Michelle A Sydney,

Australia 62 Reviewed July 25, 2018

Amazing Mother Daughter Holiday

With Tuscany Untouched my 19 year old daughter and I had an amazing holiday with Tuscany Untouched in June. From medieval festivals, to castles, wine farms, the seaside, climbing mountains, to the most beautiful little villages, cooking classes and of course the most amazing food and wine. We stayed at the wonderful La Capraia were we enjoyed the hospitality of Oscar and his family. We loved the fact that we got to see small villages not often frequented by tourists and enjoyed food from restaurants favoured by locals - the best pizza and then steak I think we've ever had. Thanks Matteo for making it such a special time for Jess and I - it is a holiday we will treasure for ever.

We also look forward to having our Tuscan Dinner when you are back in Sydney

Ah, Tuscany! A word that conjures up romantic images of the Italian countryside, historic towns, red wine and great food.
But wouldn’t it be great if you could explore this fascinating region as a local and not a tourist?

Live like a Local, With a Local

Tuscany Tours: Live like a Local

“The Tuscans have the faculty of making much of common things, and converting small occasion into great pleasures” – Henry James

Why Tour with us


Tuscany Untouched: Explore

Tuscany’s varied and stunning landscapes are truly beyond compare. Tuscany Untouched take you to some of the most beautiful and undiscovered parts of the region from where you can take in the multiple shades of green reflecting on the hills of the wineries, breathtaking views of the medieval villages that cling defiantly to the side of rugged mountain landscapes, and enjoy a magical sunset over the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence.


Tuscany Untouched: Experience

You will be overwhelmed by the pure beauty of the Renaissance art on offer in Anghiari, Arezzo, Poppi and countless other cities and historic towns. Our Tuscany Untouched tour will take you to an unexplored small town that protects hidden secrets about Italian culture and is home to one of the most famous pieces of art in Tuscany. You will discover and learn about a fascinating piece of Renaissance history that the majority of visitors to Tuscany miss out on.


Tuscany Untouched: Indulge

It goes without saying that Italian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world, and the foods of Italy are as diverse and eclectic as the country itself. Italy’s varied regional cuisines offer a mouth-watering array of divine tastes and flavours. We’ll introduce you to some of Tuscany Untouched specialty dishes, and you’ll soon see for yourself why the Italian people regard Tuscan food as one of the best regional cuisines of Italy.


Tuscany Untouched: Conflict

What makes Tuscany Untouched tours really stand out from other tour operators is that we provide you with a unique chance to connect with the Italian people. Our local guide will introduce you to the warm and welcoming people of Tuscany. Sharing a meal with a Tuscan family or learning how to make pasta or wine from a farmer are just some of the many adventures that await.

Our Tuscany Tours

7 Day Tuscany Tours

Reviewed May 31, 2018

We have just returned from a 7 day tour with Matteo and it was everything that we hoped for and more. Matteo takes great pride in his tours and is very knowledgeable of what a true Tuscan experience should be. He is an excellent guide on Tuscany Untouched Tour, always punctual,
and considerate of your wants and expectations. Our accommodations at the farmhouse were wonderful with an amazing view. The owner Oscar and his family went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable. Our cooking class with Pasqualie was very informative and fun, such a nice family! If you are looking for a true Tuscan experience we would highly recommend Matteo at Tuscany Untouched Tours , you will be happy you did and will have great memories.

Grandiosa Toscana Tour

Tuscany Untouched: Grandiosa Toscana Tour

Discover the Hidden Gems with our Ultimate Seven-day Tour

Tuscany Untouched Adventure

Tuscany Untouched: Tuscany Adventure

Explore the best of Tuscany’s famous sites in seven-day tour

Tuscany Wine Tour

Tuscany Untouched: Tuscany Wine Tour



Tuscany Tours: Tripvisor

Reviewed July 11, 2018 via mobile

Thank you to Matteo and Laura they are such beautiful people and assisted me in arranging an authentic Tuscan hillside experience to propose to my partner around sunset. We rode horses from Reggello Farm and our guide was so thoughtful and really made us feel safe. We reached the half way point and were met with a lovely family and their home and a little cabana decorated accordingly with the moment that was going to happen. We were provided with a lovely aperitivo and the family pets made sure our prosciutto was eaten haha. Once I had proposed to Jess my partner we took off on the horses again and headed throughout the Tuscan hillside passing old buildings along the way. We arrived at dinner next and Matteo had ensured that not only did we eat at a place with amazing food but our table was completely private under beautiful trees and festoon lights. Jess and I could not have had a better day. Matteo and Laura were amazing along the way and it was really lovely sharing travel strories you can see why they want to guide people within Florence because their passion for travel lies at the heart of a place of authentic experiences meeting local people and really immersing themselves in the moment. Thanks again and I cannot recommend Tuscany Untouched enough

We will create an unrivalled vacation experience that will show you a side of Tuscany so very few travellers get a chance to sample for themselves.

Short Tuscany Tours

Tuscany Tours: Tripvisor

Reviewed June 26, 2018

We spent the day as a group of 4 with our tour guide Matteo and met with him at around 10am. The 2hr drive to Bagni natural springs was comfortable and we stopped for refreshments about half way through. The springs were absolutely amazing and leaving early definitely makes a difference as it was relatively quiet when we got there. Matteo organised access for us to changerooms and showers to refresh after the springs. He then allowed us to choose from a number of recommended dinner locations and we selected montepulciano. On the way we visited a local winery and participated in a private wine tasting and tour organised by Matteo which was amazing and felt very exclusive. We then proceeded to Montepulciano where we were given a walking tour and historical rundown before we were left to roam by ourselves until dinner. We reconvened at 7pm for a fantastic 3 course dinner and another wine tasting. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough- well worth a visit!

White wine tour

Tuscany Untouched: White Wine Tour

Today is going to be a white wine day, dedicated to one of the best white wine in Tuscany La Vernaccia.


Tuscany Untouched: Best of Tuscany in 3Days

When you think of Tuscany, you imagine its beautiful landscapes, stunning medieval villages, and amazing culture of food & wine. On our fully-escorted three-day tours, you savour these and other Tuscan delights with your local guide.



Tuscany Untouched: Quad Bike Adventure

This extraordinary tour takes you along a section of the celebrated ‘L’Eroica’ (literally, ‘the heroic’) where you will experience the beauty of Tuscany and then stop for a taste of some delicious local produce.

Chianti Wine Tour

Tuscany Untouched: Chianti Wine Tour

Become closely acquainted with the organic wines of the Tuscan amazing hills .

Natural Hot Spring

Tuscany Untouched: Natural Hot Spring

Regenerate yourself in this fantastic paradise unknown by most. 1 day outdoor spa and local dinner



Tuscany Untouched: Cortona

Among one of the most ancient city of Italy, this gem will conquer your heart, mind and soul


Tuscany Untouched – 3 days wine tour

Tuscany Untouched: 3 Days Wine Tour

Unforgettable three days experience,following the pathsof the wine, you will learn everything about the Tuscan'swine or as Romans used to call it, the nectar of the gods


Uva pressing Tuscany tour

Tuscany Untouched: Uva Pressing Tour

The harvest time in Tuscany is sometime magical that you have to experience once in your life


Tuscany Untouched 500 Fiat Tour

Tuscany Untouched: 500 Flat Tour

Leave the stresses of the modern world behind you and melt into the laid-back life of Tuscany with style