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The “Carnevale di Viareggio”

Carnevale di ViareggioCarnival In Viareggio: If you’ve looking forward to having a good time in Tuscany, then you should head on to the city of Viareggio wherein it holds a fantastic, colorful month-long carnival every ear that precedes Lent. Thousands of visitors every year visits the region so that they could witness the masquerade processions and vibrant floats while breathing in the festive atmosphere of the town.

The Carnival is held is ideal for the whole family wherein it will have 5 days of fun processions that will surely entertain both kids and adults. 4 days of the Carnival are being held on 4 Sundays of the month while the 5th one will be done on Fat Tuesday.

During the season of this carnival, Viareggio will be lively with all the celebration and entertainment going on. You will witness colorful costumes work in harmony with the loud and eclectic music. The spirit of the festival is awe-inspiring and infectious which is why it’s no surprise that visitors would love to take part in the event again. Also, the streets of Viareggio will surely be crowded during this season thus adding up to the carnival atmosphere and will surely make it a moment to remember.

The creation of the beautiful costumes and floats being used in the festival are all created effortlessly. The colorful floats with the masquerade-clad dancers are improving their performance every year to get ahead of the competition and stand out during the procession.

Carnival In Viareggio: This isn’t a parade to watch; it’s a parade to join in

Carnival even more fun to attendThe great thing about this parade is that it isn’t something that you should only watch but rather join in. The Carnival in Viareggio is much different from the other carnivals out there because the bystanders are not being penned behind barriers thus encouraging them to take part in the celebration. It encourages everyone to enjoy the party atmosphere thus making the Carnival even more fun to attend. You can also don a custom, wig, or stock up on confetti if you want to maximize your enjoyment on the celebration.

The official mascot and mask of the carnival are the Burlamacco. Burlamacco dresses in a bright red and white checked robe paired with a cocked hat and a long cape. The appearance of the mascot was inspired by prominent characters of Italy’s “commedia dell’arte” such as Harlequin, Balanzone, Rugantino, and Pierrot. Burlamacco makes an appearance in each of the 5 parades that are filled with a host of females known as “Ondina,” which came from the Italian name for wave wherein it got that name just to highlight Viareggio’s links with summer and the sea.

The floats in the procession are the highlights of the event. Its bright decorations are made from paper mâché adornments and follow a route in Viareggio’s promenade between the beach and the city’s shops. These floats are innovative translations of international politics and contemporary Italian as other events that normally appear in the satirical form.

Each of the floats comes with its own brash, bold soundtrack. The dancers groove to the music, and they would invite the crowd as they pass by the streets which promote an atmosphere of celebration and festivity.

There are also some people who take the event as a serious undertaking especially if they are competing in formal competitions. The prizes will be awarded each to the winner of the group float and the winner of the single floats. The announcement of winners will be revealed on the last day of the carnival.

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