La Penna

La Penna, was founded by the Quirini family in 1991. From then on the ancient hamlet of Penna has played host to guests as if they’re living in a folk tale. The warmth of a family, the comfort of a hotel. Different types of accommodations for guests who appreciate the beauty and quiet of the Tuscany countryside.


We built our swimming pool in an attractive setting: at the top of the hill next to the vegetable garden and Qui Qui’s home. The “Orto” is the realm of “Babbo” Mauro, my dad whose garden fresh produce is used exclusively in our dishes. “Zero centimeter” cooking for guests of the Tuscany farmhouse , who can also help themselves to take directly in the garden.The cooking of La Penna reflects local traditions. Our cooking classes enhance authentic flavors, drawing inspiration from our terraces with aromatic herbs, from our vegetable garden and from farmers’ market stalls.

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