You will be keeping in a traditional farmhouse that is stationed along the Tuscan mountains in a spot in between Florence and Arezzo. You will definitely indulge in the Tuscan way of life upon keeping in this property and you will get the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the getaway adventure in this fabulous part of the world. You will locate that the hacienda is the superb area to take a break and unwind soon after you had a splendid discovery and adventure in Tuscany. If you fancy stress-free in the gardens, experience Tuscan fare in a wondrous location, or just take a walk in the bordering hillsides, the farmhouse is the superb location for your holiday.

The farmhouse itself has a long and vivid record that spans more than 800 years. It can be followed back the degree to 1200, when it was under the liability of the Ubertini family, an extreme line of Ghibellines that were regional to Arezzo and substantial adversaries of the Florentines. But in 1296, it returned to the Florentine Republic and it was entrusted to recede before it was dominated by a regional family in the mid-20th century who then restored everything back to the way it was during the grandeur moments. And after 3 generations, this extraordinary property has been fully remodelled to bolster its medieval appearance while also supplying a pleasant accommodation to anyone who is looking for an authentic experience in Tuscany.


               35km from Arezzo         35km from Florence           80km from Siena




The sensational “Agriturismo” is the best spot to plunge yourself in an unique holiday experience and can give all the facilities and services that you may have to have an outstanding getaway. It comes complete with two pool, both of which present outstanding scenes of the encompassing valley; a legitimate Tuscan restaurant in which you can indulge in heavenly regional dishes prepared from regional organic ingredients; and 15 private apartments of various measurements that contain seating area, bath with top shower, conventional Tuscan kitchen, and comfy bedroom. Book your condo in advance, and you might be blessed to remain in one of the property’s terrific residences, which give outside eating ranges from which you can take in the astonishing Tuscany scene as you cherish supper or an aperitivo.



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