Tuscany Italy – Visit of the Pope in Tuscany (10 of May)

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Pope Francis has two upcoming day trips scheduled on the 20th of April and 10th of May, respectively on Tuscany Italy. If you will be in Tuscany on the 10th of May, you might see the Pope on that day.

A Visit to Nomadelfia – Tuscany Italy

Tuscany Italy: Vatican press sitePope Francis’ schedule for the Tuscany visit has been revealed on the Vatican press site. He will first stop by Nomadelfia – around 8 in the morning – a small community in Grosseto, Italy, to visit the unique community founded by Zeno Saltini back in 1948.

He will be taking a helicopter from Vatican to this small community to visit its founder’s tomb. Afterwards, he will be visiting the community members of the church and addressing its youths. By 9:30, he will be departing from the Nomadelfia sports field to his next location, Loppiano.

Tuscany Italy – What Makes Nomadelfia Special?

Nomadelfia families live a lifestyle similar to an early Christian community’s. There is no private property here, which aligns with the following bible verse found in Acts 4:32.

New laws and rules in this area are passed only via a unanimous vote. Inhabited only by about 50 families, this small community can be joined by anyone after a three-year trial period. Moreover, anyone is free to withdraw their “Nomadelfian” status anytime.

Tuscany Italy – Visit to the International Cittadella of the Focolare Movement

The president of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce, will be receiving the Pope’s arrival with the bishop of Fiesole, Rt Rev. Mario Meini at Loppiano, Focolare around 10 a.m.

Here, he will first stop at the Maria Theotokos Sanctuary in the Focolare Movement Complex for a prayer around 10:15 a.m. Outside this sanctuary, the Pope will meet the community, where he will be addressing questions from them after Maria Voce’s greeting speech.

This pastoral visit will warrant another address from the Holy Father and he will be greeting a representative from Focolare’s community. Afterwards, the pope will be departing from the Loppiano sports field around 11:45 a.m.

What is Notable about the Focolare Movement in Loppiano?

The Focolare Movement was established in 1942 by Chiara Lubich and is approved by the Roman Catholic Church under Chiara’s choice of name – Work of Mary. The Focolare Movement itself shares a lifestyle concept of a communitarian spirituality all around the world.

Anyone is welcome to join the Focolare Movement and if you stay in one of its ‘little towns,’ you will be considered as one of the many inhabitants that try to practice the Gospel’s commandment of love in every aspect of your life.

To join this Movement, you simply have to adhere to the Gospel’s teaching as much as you are able to, both spiritually and in action.

Loppiano was the first Mariapolis that was built permanently near Florence in 1964 – a small town for brotherhood or sisterhood with plenty in store for its small community. The Mariapolis refers to the City of Mary, who is considered as a model figure for someone who lives according to the Gospel.

Loppiano is considered as Focolare’s first international center. Here, you will find communities from differing backgrounds and cultures coexisting together in a peaceful Christian environment. Currently, the Focolare Movement is being held in 194 countries and there are about 120 thousand members in its structures.

Another 1.5 million individuals are considered adherents and sympathizers, those who are part of the Movement without being involved in its specific vocations.


You will be able to find more information and updates on the Pope’s schedules on the Vatican press site. Moreover, if you are interested to find out more about the Focolare Movement, or Nomadelfia, you are also able to visit their official website for more information as well.

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