Tuscany Tours. Experience that the Big Tour Agencies can’t offer

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Tuscany ToursWhen you are on Tuscany Tours, you’ll be looking forward to experiencing a new culture, seeing the wonderful cities.  Enjoying the fine wines. It’s a very exciting prospect, but maybe also somewhat overwhelming. With such a multiplicity of things to see and do. How can you choose a tour agency that will make sure you get the best out of your trip?

If you want to take a Tuscany Tours that is personally guided, that will walk you through the very best cities. And the most beautiful villages. A family-owned agency like Tuscany Untouched Tours could be the very thing you need to make sure you get the most from your Tuscan experience.

Enjoy Slow Traveling

Most of the large Tuscany Tour agencies will rush you through Tuscany. Ticking off the landmarks at a rate of knots. They might show you everything. But how much do you get out of packing a hundred sites into a single day?

Slow travel offers you an authentic, leisurely, relaxed way of enjoying the true wonder of the region. We won’t rush you from place to place. Instead, we’ll give you an opportunity to live like a local, eating their food, in their restaurants, living as they do.

It’s surely every traveler’s desire to get under the skin of the country and see the way the locals live. With slow traveling, you get to really explore cities in-depth. As well as being taken to the unknown places that mass tourism never reaches.

Step Into the Unknown

When you travel with us, we’ll make sure you get to see all the famous cities and the landmarks. But we’ll also ensure that you come away with a feeling of having genuinely experienced the Italian way of life. You’ll get to explore locations off the beaten track. Moving at the pace of local life, providing an authentic and relaxing experience rather than an exhausting rush.

You’ll meet the producers of local foods and wines, and enjoy their produce. You’ll get to speak with local people and enjoy the renowned Italian hospitality without being intrusive. You’ll get to see authentic beautiful villages where life has continued at the same pace for centuries. Places you would never hear of when in the care of a large agency.

Tuscany tour packages

Our family-owned agency will provide you with a specialist tour guide. They will know just where to take you to give you the most memorable experiences. You will meet the most incredible people, and immerse yourself in the culture of Italy. Whether it’s sampling the region’s finest goat’s cheese. Wandering in the vineyards and enjoying a glass or two of the local wine. Or seeing traditional craftsmen creating art before your eyes with techniques that have remained unchanged since the Renaissance. This will be a Tuscan experience like no other.

The Authentic Experience

Our family-owned tour agency knows Tuscany in incredible depth and can make sure that you experience the authentic region. You can go at your own pace. If you like somewhere, simply stay little longer… follow your instincts. Obviously, you want to see as much as possible, but if you overload your itinerary.  You’ll end up missing everything. If you enjoy some of these incredible experiences at your own pace, soak them in, and you’ll build memories for a lifetime.

Meet the Chianti Cashmere Goats

Chianti is home to one of the largest cashmere goat farms in Europe. Something you’d never find out from a big commercial tour agency! You can meet the owner Nora, see the production process, and play with the delightfully cute cashmere goats.


Instead of staying in a cookie-cutter international business hotel, you can enjoy the real Tuscany with a local agriturismo, staying on a farm. Make yourself at home in a stunning villa surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. The best way to immerse yourself in this incredible historic region.

Tuscany Tours of Sunset Vineyard Hike

One of the best reasons for visiting Tuscany is to enjoy its wine; so, you really ought to get a feel for the vineyards where these incredible vintages are produced. Your guide will provide you with a delicious afternoon picnic, and then you will take a hike through the vineyards towards the setting sun and an incredible dinner of the best food the region has to offer accompanied, of course, by the local wines.

Organic Sustainable Farming

Like the rest of the world, the Tuscans are becoming increasingly interested in more eco-friendly ways of producing their famous food and wine. We can take you to Maremma, one of the lesser-known, more rustic Tuscan regions. There, you can visit a sustainable organic farm, and the vegetarian owner will be delighted to show you how traditional techniques are being combined with the latest eco-knowledge to produce wonderful food in a sustainable way. You’ll adore meeting the healthy and greatly loved animals on this farm as well.

Meet the Locals on Tuscany Tours

When you’re on Tuscany Tours you enjoy slow travel guided by a small family-run agency, you will be able to meet the real locals and maybe strike up some new friendships. Tuscany Tours can take you to some of the least-known areas of Tuscany, where you’ll find the locals are delighted to talk to you and you won’t encounter the resentment sadly all too common in areas where larger companies have flooded places with an unsustainable number of tourists.

Having a knowledgeable local guide means you can be sure of being introduced to plenty of welcoming Tuscan locals and that you can really integrate with them, sharing meals with Tuscan families, or having a farmer guiding you through the pasta or winemaking process.

As we deliberately keep our tour groups small, you’ll get to talk to the locals in person and in depth and become much more than a face in the crowd of tourists that passes through day after day.


Trying to plan your vacation can be stressful; vacations themselves can be stressful if you’re rushing around trying to complete a checklist of sites in as short a time as possible. Don’t let large travel agencies drag you through this beautiful region at high speed, so that you see everything and appreciate nothing. Choose a local family-owned agency such as Tuscany Untouched Tours to embrace local culture, encounter the local people, and enjoy a truly personalized experience by living the life and breathing in the soul of this incredible region.