Setteponti Hiking Tour 2017

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50 km, 3 days walking, beauty of Tuscany

Setteponti Hiking Tour

Setteponti Hiking Tour by popular demand back again for 2017 the journey of Setteponti stage event, discovering the ancient road Tuscany between Florence and Arezzo. It will be an opportunity to get to know the places that inspired the Masaccio and Leonardo da Vinci’s landscapes, including le blaze of Valdarno.

  Setteponti Hiking Tour


Setteponti Hiking TourFriday 9 June 2017: 23 Km from Reggello to Montemarciano: The pick up is in Figline Valdarno train station at 9:00 am. In Setteponti Hiking Tour we will take you over the start meeting point at the parish of Cascia in Reggello. The parish church of San Pietro at Cascia was built at the wish of Countess Matilde di Canossa between the 10th and 11th centuries. Perfectly conserved, thanks also to skillful restorations, it constitutes a typical example of Romanesque architecture. Behind the church, you can visit the interesting Masaccio Museum of Sacred Art. In the heart of central Italy Reggello was founded as a market town at the crossroads of these important passageways. Reggello a lovely town full of Italian spirit visit a picturesque town in Tuscany between many vineyards in the Chianti area of Florence.  Here you will start walking in the direction to the villages of Pian di Scò and Castelfranco di Sopra where you will with the stop for lunch at the local Tuscany trattoria. With Setteponti Hiking Tour afternoon we will explore Le Balze, before arriving in Montemarciano. Le blaze: the stratified canyons have a strange, ‘otherworldly’ beauty that captured the powerful intellect of Leonardo da Vinci, more than 500 years ago. Today it is possible to retrace Leonardo’s steps and observe the area still much as it was, experiencing the same sensations. As he had correctly observed, water was the defining force of Le Balze a remarkable and untouched area full of hidden secrets.  Approximately two million years ago, it was a great lake gradually filling with sediments dislodged from the vast mountain range above it. As the lake floor was exposed, ravines were carved into the sediments, creating spires and pinnacles of sand, lime, and pebbles. Eons of continual erosion by wind and water of the earth, baked dry in the hard sunlight, have created great peaks that soar above the precious cultivated valleys, stratified cathedrals now tower over streams, oak woods and pathways in a kaleidoscope of oranges, greys, and ochres. Once arrived in Montemarciano, you can get a rest in a rustic Tuscan resort where you can even enjoy your dinner at the local restaurant.

Setteponti Hiking Tour Setteponti Hiking Tour

Saturday 10 June 2017

From Montemarciano in San Giustino Valdarno: 24 km

Setteponti Hiking TourSetteponti Hiking Tour arrival in the morning at the village of Loro Ciuffenna for a short guided tour. With Setteponti Hiking Tour you can see Loro Ciuffenna one of the most distinctive towns of the Valdarno Superiore, is located on the slopes of the southern ridge of Pratomagno at an elevation of 320 m (~1,050 ft), and has become a popular tourist destination during the past 25 years, with many English and Romans restoring houses in the villages high up in the neighboring hills. The original road into town was over a Roman bridge, one of the seven along the route and there is still a fine medieval bridge over the deep ravine that divides Loro Ciuffenna into two parts. Much of the town center is medieval in architecture, and one may view the ruins of a large water-powered mill, dating to before 1200 AD, that until quite recently produced chestnut and other flours. Available water power was an important contributing factor in the establishment of Loro Ciuffenna and neighboring villages. We will keep going Setteponti Hiking Tour in the Pieve di Gropina where we will stop for lunch. The Pieve of Gropina has located about 2 km from Loro Ciuffenna, on the Via dei Sette Ponti (road of the Seven Bridges) towards San Giustino, to get there take a detour to the right, which after 800 meters from the junction leading to the village of Gropina.

The beautiful Romanesque church of Pieve of San Pietro or Gropina, is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany, it was built around the year one thousand and has a façade in large drafts of stone, with mullioned windows corresponding to the two aisles and a mullioned window overlooking the front door, on the architrave of the door is the date 1422, probably referring to a restoration, the arms of Leo X which dominates the architrave bears the date 1522. In the afternoon it will be the turn of the Ascione’s valley and the oasis of Bandella. On the way, before arriving in San Giustino Valdarno you will get the chance to see beautiful landscapes of the Pratomagno mountain. Once arrived at the destination you will be escorted to a traditional Tuscany farmhouse for the night.

Setteponti Hiking Tour Setteponti Hiking Tour

Sunday 11 June 2017

From San Giustino to Buriano Bridge: 13 km

Setteponti Hiking TourWith today Setteponti Hiking Tour is going to be a less challenging day to facilitate the return home of the participants. On Setteponti Hiking Tour we will stop at the “Borro”: telling its stories, a place becomes part of those stories. The legend takes on a life beyond the place and becomes timeless. The origins of the village of Il Borro are lost in the history of medieval Tuscany and the famous people who established the reputation of the region. Every alley, every stone speaks of a time that once was, of flavors and scents that recall the memory of a rare and more authentic Tuscany. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, in the shadow of the cypress trees of the ancient Via dei Sette Ponti, (an area rich in art and culture between the three main cities of Tuscany Florence, Arezzo and Siena), Il Borro is an open window on history, a fresco to a far away world. The Medici dynasty, the Savoia family and now the Ferragamo family have safeguarded and preserved this precious oasis, making this place, suspended between past and present, a sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing and the art of hospitality.

Setteponti Hiking TourThen we will stop in Castiglion Fibocchi for lunch. Straight after lunch, we will reach the “Cittadella della Pcace” in  Rondine:  Up to the year 1977, the medieval village of Rondine, located in the outskirts of Arezzo, Tuscany, was completely abandoned and destined to fall apart.[1] It was then that the Bishop of Arezzo, Telesforo Cioli, appointed two young families to maintain and restructure the small village. Shortly after, While on Setteponti Hiking Tour we can see two local communities, the Comunità del Sacro Cuore and the Comunità Giovanile di Saione joined the effort to recover Rondine. In the following years, Rondine slowly grew to become a village that would welcome and assist families in need.  We then will end the tour up to “Ponte a Buriano” in the early afternoon. From here, you can catch the shuttle bus that will bring you back to the meeting point or a closer train station.

Setteponti Hiking Tour Setteponti Hiking Tour

There will be a tour guide during the tour at the major locations and lots of fun and entertainments for the evening.


The price is AUD 198,00 per person.

Deposits and balance of payments are accepted by bank transfer or credit card via Paypal. (3% surcharge for credit cards/PayPal)

For all the private tours, you can book through email at [email protected] or you can contact Matteo at +61 404572020 or +39 0621118983.


Pick up at platform 16 in Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence at 8:00 a.m. with a comfortable fully equipped vehicle.

We advise booking the tour at least 2 days in advance.


This tour is open to everyone.


  1. Professional bi-lingual local tour guide.
  2. Professional Tour Manager who can assist you for the whole tour
  3. Pick-up-drop off
  4. Transport by private vehicle
  5. Private room at the local farmhouse or hotel at the established sites. ( 40 AUD single supplement)
  6. 2 breakfasts at the accommodation


All items not detailed in inclusions

Personal spending

  1. snacks during the days

All transfers other than to the local train station


– Children must be accompanied by an adult
– Minimum age is 21 years
– Adult pricing applies to all travelers
– Please advise any specific dietary requirements at the time of booking
– A maximum of 8 people per booking
– Not recommended for pregnant women
– Due to uneven surfaces, this tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair
– A moderate amount of walking is involved
– Not wheelchair accessible


Setteponti Hiking Tour travel arrangements and accommodations are secure from the time of confirmation of booking. Consequently, a cancellation fee will apply to all cancellations.
If you cancel your tour reservation for any reason, your first deposit of 15% is non-refundable. If you cancel 90 days before the tour starting date: 85% of your total tour cost is refundable. If you cancel between 90 days and 60 days before tour starting date: 50% of your total tour cost is refundable for physician documented emergency medical reasons or for police documented cases of accident, flood, fire, or crime. Cancellations less than 60 days from the tour start date, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the tour cost will apply.
We do not provide refunds for non-medical personal problems; air carrier delays or cancellations; inability to obtain passports; business problems or emergencies; etc.
In the unlikely event or if the tour fails to fill with the necessary minimum number of participants required (2 people), you would be entitled to a 100% refund in full.


Prices and tariffs quoted for the tours are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as significant currency fluctuations.


With Setteponti Hiking Tour you are required to purchase your own travel insurance to cover cancellation coverage, airline tickets, trip delay, lost luggage or any potential medical expenses, personal accident and sickness, emergency repatriation and personal liability. It is advisable to take specific cover for ambulance through the respective State ambulance providers or through their own private health insurance.
Please note that travelers on Tuscany Untouched tours must have comprehensive travel insurance. We will require evidence including policy number, insurers name, and emergency contact number before we finalize your booking.


Most medieval towns were built as hilltop fortifications, so you will find some challenging climbs. There is a lot of walking on our tours and you will spend a lot of time on your feet while sightseeing. Age is not important as long as you are physically fit and a strong walker. Our tours are not suited for anyone who has problems with knees, back, heart or obesity.


Single travelers are provided with a private apartment. The additional single supplement cost will apply.


Our recommended tours and dates, as listed on our web site, are guaranteed once a booking is confirmed. Your additional expenses will be for non-included meals, moderate tipping where appropriate, and personal sightseeing or shopping. LIMIT OF LIABILITY:

No responsibility is accepted for any loss, expense, accident, injury, or damage to any person or property due to the actions or omissions of any person, or any cause, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, defects in machinery, breakdown of equipment, weather, quarantine, negligence, loss of baggage, or other causes beyond our control, such losses being the responsibility of the guest.


Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd reserves the right to accept, reject, or not retain any person as a tour participant whose condition or general deportment impedes the operation of the tour or, in the opinion of the tour manager, affects the rights and enjoyment of other guests. A guest not retained on tour shall have no cause for complaint or refund, and shall bear any and all extra expenses that ensue.


All information on this website is, to the best of our knowledge, correct. However, we reserve the right to make changes in accommodations, visits, and itineraries at any time should it become necessary or desirable. Delays or itinerary changes caused by strikes, bad weather, traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances are beyond our control and we are not obliged to pay guests compensation.


Just a reminder that Setteponti Hiking Tour on Tuscany Untouched trip requires a degree of flexibility, and you should understand that the trip’s route, accommodation, and modes of transport are subject to change without prior notice due to local circumstances. Should Tuscany Untouched PTY LTD deem it advisable to amend an itinerary for any reason, it may do so by shortening, varying or re-routing any trip. These changes are binding and additional expenses will be charged to you if the reason for any alteration is outside Tuscany Untouched’ control.

While on Setteponti Hiking Tour with Tuscany Untouched you agree to accept the authority of the leader at all times. You are aware that travel within a group may involve compromise to accommodate the diverse desires and physical abilities of group members. You understand that Tuscany Untouched reserves the right to decline, accept, or retain any person as a member of the group at any time. To the best of Tuscany Untouched’s knowledge, these third parties are qualified to perform the duties they are contracted to perform. However, Tuscany Untouched will not be held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may occur due to the behavior of these third parties. Tuscany Untouched will not accept responsibility or liability for any traveler who contravenes any law or regulation of any country visited. No employee, servant or agent of Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd has authority to vary these conditions.


All Tuscany Untouched travelers on group trips must sign a Booking Form. Please note that signing the form is a pre-requisite of traveling with Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd. The wording of this form follows.

“I understand that Setteponti Hiking Tour with Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd may involve risks (and rewards) above and beyond those encountered on a more conventional holiday and that I am undertaking a physical trip with inherent dangers. I understand that I am traveling to geographical areas where, amongst other things, the standard of accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, cleanliness, medical facilities, telecommunications, and infrastructure development may not be of the standard I am used to at home or would find on a conventional holiday. I have read and understood the Tuscany Untouched tour notes for the trip I am undertaking and have provided details of any pre-existing medical conditions I have to Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd representatives. I accept these risks and obligations and I fully assume the risks of travel. I release Tuscany Untouched Pty Ltd from any liabilities connected to these risks to the maximum extent permitted by law.”


Our tours are not pet friendly

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